Risper Faith hints at another cosmetic surgery to lose weight

Socialite Risper Faith.

Socialite-turned-businesswoman Risper Faith has hinted at her plans to undergo another cosmetic procedure to lose weight and reclaim her pre-baby body.

Sharing the idea with her fans on social media, the mother-of-one excitedly expressed her desire to undergo mini gastric bypass surgery. MGB is a short, reversible laparoscopic gastric bypass weight loss surgery.

“When I do my mini gastric bypass it’s over for you bit*****es,” she wrote.

It comes just two months after undergoing another procedure to get rid of her mild skin tags – non-cancerous growths forming in the skin folds of her neck, armpits, breasts, groin and eyelids thanks to a process known as cauterization.

Sharing her experience via social media, Risper revealed that she wanted to make the most of her 30s, and getting rid of the labels was one of the ways she planned to do that.

“Sooooo today I decided to remove the tag from my body. 30s itaki makasiriko. @beautyquestspa am beyond happy. This removal uses an electrocautery tool that heats a needle until it can burn through the stalk of the tag. The heat from the needle closes the wound so that there is very little bleeding and often none when a skin tag is removed using this method,” a- she writes.

The former Nairobi Diaries actress first ventured into cosmetic surgery in November 2020 when she underwent liposuction.

According to Risper, her postpartum body affected her mental health and lowered her self-esteem.

“After I gave birth I weighed myself and I was 100kg over 22 months after I gave birth I weigh about 116kg and my body keeps growing and growing, I don’t feel beautiful anymore, I don’t feel anymore . I’ve been so depressed, I’ve been so moody lately,” she said.

Because of this, the social media influencer admitted that her marriage was on the line, explaining that her unhappiness and lack of intimacy would soon push her husband out of their marriage.

“It affects my marriage because sometimes, like I said, I don’t feel like being intimate with my husband because I don’t feel beautiful. We got married in 2018 and it’s 2020, it’s been two years it’s a very young marriage and if i want it to last forever i need to fix these issues to be happy and focus on my marriage because if i don’t fix it it will cause us problems later and that’s what I don’t want,” she added.

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